Written by Jim Shields

Legacy: (noun) Something that is a part of your history or that remains from an earlier time.                                                                                                                                                                             (Cambridge Dictionary online)

“A society grows great when the elders plant trees in whose shade they will never sit.” Greek Proverb

“The only things we can keep are the things we give to God.” C. S. Lewis

Anyone who has spent time at Highland Lakes Camp and Conference Center knows. Whether they spent time as staff, a camper, a student, a counselor, a sumo, a leader, a pastor, or even a visitor, they know. They know of the impact that these 462 acres of wooded hills and countryside provide. They know how this “holy ground”, as Dave Wilson states, is conducive to all who need an opportunity to spend time away from the daily grind of the world and to seek the Father.

It is a treasure of all who have been here. The memories, the inspiration, the encouragement, the fellowship, the opportunity to breathe and breathe deeply. The connection to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is so difficult to acquire in the day-to-day warfare of life. But here, here the connection can be made. Here, we can renew. Here, we can reconnect. Here, we can revive. And here, we can remember.

The history of Highland Lakes is one of rich investment from leaders who had a vision; from partners who caught the vision; and from churches who have realized the need for a place where others can discover, develop, and deploy a transformed life in Christ. Highland Lakes is a living legacy: “something that is a part of your history that remains from an earlier time.” And it is a heritage, a legacy, that deserves to be made available to future generations.

To that end, Highland Lakes has established a vehicle that, when properly funded, will allow the operations of Highland Lakes to continue in permanence. Through the trusteeship of the Baptist Foundation of Indiana and the administration of Waters Edge, the Highland Lakes Legacy Fund Endowment has been established; the funding, however, is still needed.

The purpose of this endowment is to provide a means by which the mission and ministry of Highland Lakes continues its impact on future generations. The goal of the fund is to provide a resource that will be available in perpetuity and increase in value. It is established in a manner that would allow camp leadership to direct the income each year toward operating costs that may occur in any given year. The principle of the fund is not to be infringed upon; only the interest derived from the principle is to be utilized.

So, a question for you. How are you providing a legacy? Do you have funds that can be used to impact those who have yet to experience Highland Lakes? To impact lives whose lives will impact others in years to come? To impact generations who are yet to be born? We encourage individuals, churches, associations, and like-minded organizations to partner with us in this endeavor. This is a legacy fund; we do it not for ourselves but for generations to come.

For more information, contact me at jim@highlandlakes.org, or call 317-481-2400 ext 266. To donate, go to highlandlakes.org, click on the “donations” tab, and click on the Highland Lakes Legacy Endowment button.