By Rose Condra

Executive Director of Choices For Women Pregnancy Care Center

Each year in January, many churches celebrate the Sanctity of Human Life. While we do rejoice in lives saved, it is also a somber time to reflect on the devastation wrought by the Roe vs Wade decision on January 22, 1973. One of the most beautiful and productive ways a congregation can make the third Sunday in January meaningful, is to use the day to promote partnership with their local Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC). This may be allowing a representative to speak, handing out Baby Bottle Banks, or taking up a special offering. Since PRCs depend so greatly on volunteers, it should always include ways for the congregation to serve. As the pastor delivers a pro-life message on Sanctity of Life Sunday, it is important to speak of the grace and restoration available to those who have abortion as part of their testimony. Most PRCs have resources to help with this healing.

Pastors are in a powerful and unique position to lead their flock to be pro-life warriors. I believe that most Christians find abortion to be abhorrent, but learning exactly how to defend preborn babies and their parents adds action to the belief.

If Christ-followers fail to speak about abortion, people will hear one of two messages: They may hear that abortion is not really a big deal, so it isn’t worth our time to discuss. Or they may hear that abortion is an unforgiveable sin and those who have made that choice or participated in that choice have no hope for redemption. Both of these assumptions are completely false.

The hard truth is that abortion is an act of violence that intentionally takes the life of an innocent preborn baby in his mother’s womb. That is an assault on God as creator. The second and greatest truth for all of us is that the blood of Jesus was shed for all our sin, including abortion.

Pregnancy Resource Centers are like an emergency room and the local church is a long-term care facility. We need each other. The church needs the PRC to reach out to those considering abortion and help them choose life. The PRC needs the church to provide resources, financial and volunteers, and also needs a safe place to refer clients. Many of those who turn from abortion to a life choice have very difficult roads to travel. Strong and compassionate church members are the perfect traveling companions. Making a life choice does not automatically rid a woman of all the troubling factors that led her to consider abortion. In fact, it may exacerbate some situations. A direct and meaningful response by a local body of believers may be her only lifeline. Additionally, many pregnancy centers have fatherhood programs and discipling young dads is a remarkable way for the Church to stand in the gap for families.

Promoting your local Pregnancy Resource Center during Sanctity of Life Month is a great starting point to save the lives of babies in your community. Walking with that same PRC during the next 11 months is a way to change the trajectory of families and build the Kingdom. PRC + Your Church = A Match Made in Heaven!


Choices Life Resource Center