The biennial Midwest Leadership Summit (MLS) was held last month, and I’ve heard great feedback from many SCBI leaders who attended. MLS has become a premier leadership conference in the Midwest because of its practitioners bent and opportunity to bring proven national leaders to the stage and in breakout conferences.  

Did you know? 

  • The SCBI budgets every year for this event. It costs us $50 per person for this conference, which shows you how dependent and thankful we are for the financial support of SBC entities. Their donations plus state conventions’ commitments make this a free conference for attendees. We budget half of the total cost and send it in each year so that we fulfill our obligation. Also, we pay for 125 spots even if they’re not used. That’s why we push for 100% capacity. There’s no better value for a conference! 
  • Indiana practitioners were on display! Stephen Love gave the practitioner’s testimony during a plenary session, and breakout conferences were led by our own Terry Thompson, Dana James, Chris Kellermeyer, and Bobby Pell.  
  • We had the highest MLS attendance since 2015! We had 125 spots preregistered (100% of our target), and 100 people show up (80% of our target). In 2015, we had 126 preregistered and 110 show up.  
  • Associations are critical in registering and serving their leaders while they are there. The SCBI asks each of the 14 partner associations to fill so many spots. Their relationships make that easier. Some associations serve their leaders by helping with transportation there and with some of the food expenses attendees have. 
  • Great fellowship and conversations encouraged many. I don’t have hard data for this one, but I know that some of our leaders had meaningful conversations with each other that were helpful to them personally and professionally, and it sure seemed to me that there was a great spirit in the Tuesday evening state fellowship dessert. 

It’s almost as if we are connecting for Kingdom advancement! MLS will be held again in January 2026.