By Mitch Tabla

The recent mission trip by the Northwest Indiana Baptist Association to Smyrna, TN, demonstrated the positive outcomes when churches unite for a common purpose. Our efforts in early January focused on supporting Grace Community Church, a fellow Southern Baptist Church located in the Concord Baptist Association.

Our work had a significant and positive impact. One major task involved upgrading the church’s lighting system. We replaced the existing fluorescent lights in the fellowship hall, classrooms, hallways, and restrooms with 70 new can lights, creating a lively and welcoming atmosphere.

Across the street, in the parsonage, we took on a structural role by skillfully removing a wall to make additional space, addressing the church’s growing need for more room. After removing the wall, we also gave the parsonage flooring a facelift. This renovation not only improved the space’s functionality but also made the space warm and welcoming.

Simultaneously, back at the church, we carefully applied fresh touch-up paint to enhance the building’s overall appearance, ensuring a clean and inviting atmosphere for everyone. We also dedicated our efforts to renovating two bathrooms, overhauling the lighting, paint, and stalls.

This collaborative effort highlighted the incredible impact possible when churches, associations, and State Conventions work together toward a shared goal. By joining forces, we not only strengthened Grace Community Church’s infrastructure but also demonstrated the transformative power of unity in advancing the kingdom. This mission trip serves as a testament to the potential we all have when “we connect for kingdom advancement”.