By Dr. Jim Shields, Team Leader at Highland Lakes  

“You must also be ready, because the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect”. Luke 12:40 


A ready man never has to get ready. When the Lord comes, I want to be found busy doing the things He would have me do. I want to be serving where He puts me, moving where He moves me, leading where He leads me, until either He comes to get me, or I go to meet Him. There is no time to wait; there is no need to wait.  


I say all this because it is close to the time of year when a unique group of individuals will show up at Highland Lakes for a week or two.  This is a group of individuals who model the attitude and actions I described above. In the now 11 years I have been blessed to serve here, I have always been amazed and in awe at the attitude and activity of the Campers on Mission. This group of “seasoned” ladies and gentlemen show up each year and literally, under the direction of Director of Operations Rick Porter, help to make Highland Lakes better and better. They don’t know the meaning of the word “retire” (or at least the meaning they have is much different than the meaning the world has). They serve. They build. They encourage. They donate. They inspire. They joke. They worship. They are ready, and they are willing, because they love Jesus…. that’s why they do all the rest of what they do.  


They continue to show up year after year. Each year may be a little slower, maybe a little less “zip”; but no less full of a heart of service for their Lord and Savior. And they love to demonstrate it here at Highland Lakes, as well as other Christian camps in Indiana. They are ready; they don’t have to get ready. They serve the Lord; they don’t have to get around to serving the Lord.  


I admire them. I am constantly impressed by them. What they do impacts lives, not just for today, for this summer, for this year…but for eternity. They are continually building on a legacy that will outlive them. 


Which brings me to another aspect of awe and amazement. Our Camp Committee and the Executive Board allowed us last year to create a vehicle for partners to invest financially in Highland Lakes for future generations. If you are not aware of it, we have established the Highland Lakes Legacy Fund through the Indiana Baptist Foundation/Water’s Edge. Through this fund, individuals as well as associations, churches, or organizations can contribute directly to an endowment whose purpose is to ensure that the mission of Highland Lakes can continue in perpetuity; that we will be ready to continue the ministry…always ready. Our goal is to have just under $2,000,000.00 in principle invested by 2028; that principle will generate interest that will enable us to offset the costs of the continuing needs of Highland Lakes. To date we have a little over $42,000.00…we have a long way to go to reach our goal, but so thankful for those who have already seen the vision of what this vehicle can provide for us. 


Would you join us in making sure we are ready, always ready, for what the Lord has in store for us? It is exciting to see how He works, who He uses, how He moves in and through lives on this campus. And we are ready, always ready, to be a resource for others to Discover, Develop, and Deploy a Transformed Life in Christ.