By Caleb Welch, a student from Launch Campus Ministries at Purdue University

From March 9th to the 15th, my campus ministry, Launch Campus Ministry from Purdue, participated in Beach Reach at Panama City Beach, Florida. This was my second time attending, and I plan to attend next year. The ministry consists of many aspects including van teams, street teams, a prayer room, and pancake teams. Each night from 9 PM to 2 AM, our vans would give free transportation to anyone who called the call center, while street teams were out keeping people safe, sharing the gospel, and advertising the free rides. The pancake teams were located at a cooperating church in PCB and provided free pancakes to spring breakers while sharing the gospel. Each night, teams were in the prayer room praying over the night. Our Beach Reach goal was to practically share the love of Jesus and have gospel conversations with spring breakers.

Zach, a first-time participant, had a great gospel conversation with a guy named Trey. Zach was able to talk to him about fully following Jesus and was able to be a part of Trey’s rededication to Christ. The next night, Zach met Beach Reachers from Trey’s campus who had been ministering to Trey before spring break. Zach was able to tell them about Trey’s recent rededication to Christ. Zach shared, “Getting to see God’s sovereignty and plan work in that way was some of the coolest stuff I’ve ever seen.”

Jenna, a returning participant, shared a story of a guy’s rededication to Christ that she and I got to be a part of while on a van team. Jenna shared, “Being able to see the Lord actively working in his life, even if he didn’t realize it was God working in his life, was so impactful for me. I was able to hear him give his life to Christ when he was talking with one of my team members.”

One night on street teams, my team was able to have gospel conversations with a group of guys who were all rather intoxicated at first but were sobered up by the Holy Spirit. I had a conversation with one of the guys named Nick about what it meant to follow Jesus and have a relationship with Him. We talked about the difference between just believing someone is real and having a relationship with someone. Nick told me that he believed in Jesus, but that he had not committed his life to Him. As the conversation went on, he wanted to commit his life to Christ and leave his sin behind. I got to lead Nick in prayer as he committed his life to Christ. It was truly an amazing experience to see God working in the lives of the spring breakers as well as seeing how He used the Beach Reachers to share the Good News.

For our week of Beach Reach, there were 74 vans and 628 Beach Reachers from 20 different ministries. We gave 1,902 rides with 9,094 total riders and served 432 plates of pancakes. We prayed with 4,526 people and had 5,233 Gospel conversations. By the end of the week, we witnessed 101 salvations with 3 of those being Beach Reachers. Over the 3 weeks of Beach Reach, 310 people were saved, 10,760 gospel conversations took place, 1,502 Beacher Reachers participated in ministry, 18,972 safe shuttle rides were given, 10,697 people were prayed with and 1,662 plates of pancakes served. We witnessed God working in truly amazing ways, and He is indeed still working. Pray for our leaders as they connect students who made decisions with churches and campus ministries back home.