Spring is here and with that comes spring storms. Indiana Disaster Relief has recently been activated to respond to the storms that hit Eastern Indiana on March 14th. Suspected tornados ripped across the Midwest overnight, leveling homes, devastating multiple mobile home parks, killing at least six people and injuring dozens of others. The tornados caused damage and loss in Arkansas, Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. Currently, our Disaster Relief Teams in Indiana have wrapped up their Feeding operations in Winchester and Selma. They have also wrapped up their chainsaw operations in Winchester. Even as the projects have wrapped up, Joe Fox will continue to monitor the situation. He will be meeting with the homeowners to see if there is anything that has been missed or any needs that have not been met. In addition to the work in Eastern Indiana, Disaster Relief teams are wrapping up their flood recovery operations in Davies County and Washington, Indiana. They had 21 reported incidents in that county alone. Butch Porter, State Director of Indiana Disaster Relief, sends his heartfelt thank you to all the volunteers who serve in Indiana as they give their time and effort and share the love of Christ in times of crisis.


Here is a look at the Current Response Numbers for March 2024:


SBDR Volunteers Responding: 45

Volunteer Hours: 940

Gospel Presentations: 11

Professions of Faith: 1

Meals Prepared and Served: 3311

Chainsaw Jobs Completed: 10

Families assisted with storm recovery work (clean-up): 10

Spiritual and Emotional Care Contacts: 83 people