by Chris Conrades

We are constantly looking for resources to help your churches thrive in ministry and in sharing the gospel. Here are just a few resources currently available for women to help them grow in leadership and gain confidence in sharing the gospel with others.


New from the North American Mission Board:

  • “Women in the Mission of God” by Catherine Renfro (a free e-book)

Whether or not you serve in full-time vocational ministry, as a Christ-follower you’re still in the full-time ministry of making Jesus known. In Women in the Mission of God, Catherine Renfro explores how to know Jesus and make Him known through everyday evangelism, including:

  • A biblical basis for our calling
  • How to share your personal testimony
  • Identifying your mission field
  • Gospel conversation starters
  • And more!

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  • Free Online Course “Creating a Culture of Evangelism for Women”

Evangelism can seem daunting. Do I know enough? Am I bold enough? Can I lead women well in this area of ministry? Learn how to equip and empower women to share the gospel with others. Free online course at


  • The NAMB Evangelism Kit for Women Personal Assessment Tool

This tool is a valuable instrument aiming to assess the well-being of a woman ministry leader’s soul, family and work. Its purpose is to enable introspection while analyzing the state and equilibrium of life and ministry. Through thoughtful reflection, this assessment allows women leaders to recognize areas of strength and those that may require attention, fostering a holistic approach to their ministry. Embracing this tool can lead to a more balanced and fulfilling life for leaders navigating their ministry responsibilities. This tool is an essential part of the online course.


Resources from WMU:

  • Christian Women’s Leadership Center

Christian Women’s Leadership Center exists to help Christian women discover and develop their leadership gifts and skills. Our holistic learning experiences will help you serve more effectively, as God calls you in life, the marketplace, and the church.


  • Women on Mission

Women on Mission is a missions discipleship group designed to equip adult women in becoming active disciples of Christ as they live on mission for Him. Women on Mission members seek to live out missions through missions projects, ministries, prayer, giving, and Bible study. The purpose of the organization is to provide every person with the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel. Find curriculum at


  • Sisters Who Care is a missions group of WMU that aims to reach women in African American churches for cooperative missions. Sisters Who Care seeks to involve individuals in responding to God as they learn about missions, pray for missions, support missions, do missions and tell about Jesus. As the African American church has always been on mission, WMU gives an additional opportunity in providing structure, connecting points and a global perspective. and



  • “Missions for Life” resource for your church

Comprehensive resource for growing missions involvement in your church plant, small church, small groups, or Adults on Mission group! Contains 12 monthly units that include plans for a Bible study and mission study.


  • “Misiones Para la Vida” resource for Hispanic churches

Le invitamos a guiar a su iglesia a experimentar el gozo transformador de vivir el evangelio de Jesucristo. Con Misiones para la vida, puede planificar un año completo de discipulado misionero para los adultos de su iglesia.