Attending For The First Time

By Viktoria Mayatska, Northwoods Baptist Church

The Transformed Women’s Conference was a truly uplifting and enriching experience. As a first-time attendee, I was amazed by how God orchestrated every aspect, providing the perfect speakers, topics, and moments to strengthen, support, and calm my spirit. The conference served as a perfect place where I could hear God’s voice and worship in unity with women from diverse ages, backgrounds, and cities. It was heartwarming to witness women encouraging, understanding, and comforting one another.

One of the conference’s highlights was the dedicated time for group and personal prayer. Attendees were able to surrender their hurts, burdens, and hindrances to God. On our knees, we prayed for one another, releasing our needs, addictions, sicknesses, and difficult relationships. I appreciated the thoughtful touch of exchanging prayer notes, allowing us to continue uplifting each other long after the conference ended. The Breakout sessions were particularly enriching, as I attended those most relevant to my current season of life. God spoke clearly, answering my questions and guiding me on my journey. The organizers’ attention to detail was evident in the beautiful decorations, thoughtful notebooks, books, and other materials, reflecting the care and effort invested in creating a welcoming and uplifting environment. A memorable highlight was the Pop-up Party on Friday evening, where women gathered around tables, engaging in lively discussions, and laughter, and exploring thought-provoking topics presented by the speaker. The aroma of popcorn and the tempting array of sweets added a delightful touch to the evening’s festivities. All sweets had the word “Pop” somewhere on the package to make the selections unique to the party.

Overall, the Transformed Women’s Conference gave me warm, positive, and pleasant impressions. I met wonderful women and got spiritual food through meaningful communication and fellowship. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to attend next year’s conference.