by Autumn Wall


7 very full days.

15 outreaches

208 volunteers

1,397 gospel presentations 25 salvations and counting!

This is Living Faith Church’s Crossover experience.


Living Faith Church is a downtown Indy church plant serving in some of the most impoverished and dangerous neighborhoods in the city. It is commonplace to have drug dealers, prostitutes, businesspeople, and college students sitting side by side on a Sunday morning in either of their worship services in downtown Indy. Single moms fill the room and kids who are in and out of foster care are the norm. People stumble in off the streets on Sunday mornings often asking to take a shower or for a cup of coffee. This is ministry in the inner city. It is typically slow going and hard—it is very fruitful ministry over time, but hard work.

Deshawn showed up for a block party during crossover simply because he needed to get out of the house for a bit. After spending a while playing corn hole with Cody Clark, one of Living Faith’s Location Pastors, he said the usual, “I’ll be at church on Sunday, man” as he walked away. Being in the inner city, Cody hears that a lot and they rarely follow through. But this time, he did! Deshawn showed up the next day for the worship service. And the next week. And the next. And he went to a Life Group during the week. This past Sunday he went to dinner after church and opened up about all the ways he is working to improve himself and his life. In this conversation, he learned that all the work in the world would still leave him empty without a relationship with Jesus. That day, Deshawn prayed to receive Christ and became a new creation.

Between Living Faith’s two current locations downtown and a third location they are beginning preparations to launch, they took advantage of the thousands of SBC people coming into the city for the convention this June and planned multiple outreaches for Crossover.

“We just decided: if they’re coming and offering to help, we’ll do everything in our power to use as many of them as will come help!” said Living Faith’s Lead Pastor, Yale Wall. Limited resources are a constant struggle for the low-income church plant, so a weekend of events like this is a game changer. Volunteers flooded into the different locations and teamed up with Living Faith Church members to serve hamburgers in the neighborhoods, throw multiple block parties, host a women’s tea, run a 3-day kids art camp, clean up trash in the streets, go door to door sharing Jesus and meet the medical and dental needs of the community through free health clinics. It was a busy weekend, to say the least, but the church plant was able to see twenty-one people give their lives to Jesus in that one weekend alone. Not to mention the three more led to Christ during the convention meetings and now, Deshawn.

God is on the move in downtown Indy. Crossover was a huge catalyst that gave a boost of encouragement to the regularly toiling faithful church members of Living Faith. And He is not done yet! Living Faith is incredibly grateful to NAMB for their leadership in Crossover and for all the volunteers who came to serve and show Jesus to the broken areas of downtown Indy.

16,000 Southern Baptists descending on Indianapolis: ONE Church. His.