by Joshua Hammond Kelley

Associate Pastor at Mt. Vernon Baptist Church and Collegiate Team Leader for the Southwestern Indiana Baptist Association

I’m excited about Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) at The University of Southern Indiana (USI) in Evansville this fall! If you or someone you know will be attending USI this fall, we’d love to connect! Let me tell you a little more about myself and what we’re hoping for at B-C-M at U-S-I.

Baptist- I am an unapologetic Baptist. I’ve seen churches all over the world as a missionary and I met my wife in mainland China. Now pastoring in the States, I’ve never been more convinced that Baptist principles are biblical principles. Given the opportunity, I will disciple as a Baptist.

Collegiate– College is a special time. I am a part of our association, the Southwestern Indiana Baptist Association or SWIBA. We’ve been praying for BCM, and my fellow pastors are hopeful for revival in your time. I can’t wait for you to meet our coordinator, Kenny Kidd, and others in our area.

Ministry- We want to minister to you. We realize this is a time of transition and intention. We hope to provide meals, prayer, counsel, and support your next steps in life.


University- You’ve made the step to go to University. We don’t want college to be a move away from Christ but a move toward Him. This will not happen without intentionality. Sadly, universities have as many pulls away from faith as toward it. It is the place where ideas collide. Consider getting plugged into like-minded folks in the faith right away. Don’t wait!

Southern- We’re in the southern part of the state but don’t let that mislead you. Evansville is the third largest city in the state and is filled with all the amenities of a county with hundreds of thousands of people.

Indiana- We believe God has called us to grow where we’re planted. If God is planting you at USI, here in Indiana, for this season, we pray you grow. 2 Peter 3:18 exhorts us to “grow” in the grace and the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Grace growth. Knowledge growth. We will pray that for you.

I’m eager to meet new folks at BCM at USI! Our web site is

Come see us at our tent on the lawn during Welcome Week on August 28 from 2-5 pm!

My personal email and number are and 812-568-5139. I’m praying for you and our Christian witness at USI this fall!