By Mike Jamison

For those reading this who have been to Highland Lakes Baptist Camp, you know that one of the phrases used by camp leadership to describe what they do is “It’s overwhelming but amazing”! In the midst of sweltering heat, lack of sleep, sprained ankles, and concussions it could have been easy to be focused on the overwhelming portion of that statement. However, there was no doubt that in my church group and every church group I talked to; despite the overwhelming our amazing God showed up in a BIG way!


In total, we saw 80 decisions for Christ including 30 new professions of faith in Christ and over a dozen calls to a life of vocational ministry. Personally, I witnessed God transform the heart of a girl who was about as far away from God as a 13-year-old could be just 1 year ago. As I stood in tears on Thursday night while standing next to and praying with her at the altar, I couldn’t help but praise the God who leaves the 99 to pursue the 1. Through the power of Christ and intentional discipleship from our youth team, this young lady has overcome the power of the chains of sin, loneliness, and self-loathing that the enemy used to hold her down. I’m sure every group from different parts of the state full of students from different backgrounds can testify to similar life changes that occurred throughout this week! Simply put, our God is moving in a powerful way in this next generation!


Please pray that the Spirit of God continues to move and give these students strength as they strive to grow each day in Christ! Pray for the support systems of these students as they walk alongside them now that camp is over. Finally, pray that God will continue to move mightily in this generation of teenagers and show that they are not just the future; they are the current church and can make an eternal impact for the kingdom of God right now!