Pastor, what are you going to do when the Virus Restrictions loosen up?  Do you expect a quick return to normal? I don’t. And many mental health experts do not think so either.

     It has been reported that alcohol sales are waaaaay up.  And while I am not personally for Christians drinking alcohol many say it is fine.  Even if you are not an alcohol advocate some of your people are and may have grown too accustomed to something that they will find hard to stop.

      And what about marriages.  Do you think that these weeks of being holed up together has sweetened the pie?  Or perhaps has this imprisonment stretched the relationship fabric a bit thin?
What about children and their parents? Most families consist of working parents.  These parents have been sending their children off to school for 8 hours or so and now with the pandemic, they are seeing what their children are really like.  (Maybe it isn’t the teacher after all.) 
      So, what are you going to do, pastor?

      To help you understand the scope of this issue the Church and Leader Development Team has invited Dr. Reggie Alderman, a Board Certified Pastoral Counselor, to join us on “Tuesday’s Topics”.  This segment is entitled “COVID19 and Mental Health.”  Reggie will field questions and offer assistance so you can be prepared for what is coming down the road. 

       Tuesday’s Topic – “Covid19 and Mental Health”