Pastor this is just for you today.
Across our State Convention pastors are saying a single thing, ‘I’m tired’.  Some of it is from working long days.  Some of it is because they have not taken a vacation. And some of it is the stress of being at the point of the spear for their church, in a Covid infected world, where more plans go up in smoke than leaves in a forest fire.
Can you relate?
Your State Convention has heard your cry and wants to help.  We have set aside the facilities at Highland Lakes Baptist Camp, Thursday afternoon November 12th and Friday November 13th as a “Pastor Get Away Day”.  It is a day just for you.
For $10 you can get a room for the night Thursday, with breakfast and lunch Friday.
Don’t want to come Thursday night?  Then don’t.  Just come Friday. It’s still just $10.
Please know this is not your typical “Event” because you don’t have to do . . . well . . . anything.
Don’t want to roast hotdogs over the fire Thursday night or eat at the camp at all? Then go to a local place and eat. This is your time!
Don’t want to attend either of the two Breakouts – “Mistakes I made as the Dad of Pastor’s Kid’s” or “How to (Mis)Manage Stress”? Then don’t.
Don’t want to take advantage of Peer Counseling then don’t!
Don’t want to stop in at the Prayer Room to be prayed with, over or for?  Then don’t go!
But there may be some things that you will want to do; Want to go hunting? That can be arranged**!  Want to fish? Then wet a line! Want to drink coffee and talk to brother pastors? Fill your mug and talk away.
The truth is the $10 is just to get you to be committed to come – at least as committed as 10 bucks can get you.  We want to invest in your well-being.
God only knows how long the mixed up Covid world will be with us.  But this much I do know, you need to be ready for the long haul that remains. How ever long that is.
Hit the link below and put your commitment to take care of yourself on the line.

** Archery hunting must be limited to 10 guys.  Guides are available for Thursday afternoon only. Call Pastor Roger Kinion for more info and to register for hunting 317/696-8820. (You still need to register for the whole event)

Contact Bob through email or at 812-592-3755 with questions.