What do you do when you’re stuck?

I grew up in the Snowbelt that formed every winter in the southeast corner of Lake Erie. In fact, I passed my driver’s license test in the middle of a snowstorm driving my sister’s beat-up 1967 Volkswagen Beatle by the name of “Tub-tub”.

Tub-tub could go seemingly anywhere in the snow.  Because the engine was in the rear over the drive wheels and the front end weighed next to nothing he was practically unstoppable.  Almost.

My buddy Tommy and I were out snow surfing.  Driving the unplowed back roads, flying over snowdrifts, becoming airborne and just having a grand time.  Up ahead was a massive drift but we didn’t waiver.  I pointed Tub-tub toward what began to look like a mountain of snow and slammed into the drift.  Normally because the VW was so light in front it would just ramp up and over the drift in a bumpy but also a fairly straight line. Only this drift. This Mt Everest in our path shot us up and waaaay to the right.  Tub-tub, Tommy and I ended up half in a ditch, pointing the wrong direction, spinning our wheels in the middle of Nowhere, Ohio.

We were stuck. But we didn’t stay stuck.  We walked to the nearest house and asked to borrow a shovel.  They not only loaned us a shovel but they came out to help us push.

I know churches that are stuck.  They were going along fine but something derailed them.  Now they are spinning their wheels, making noise but going nowhere.

Pastor if you knew what to do I believe you would do it. Nobody likes being stuck. I know where I can get you a shovel.  And I know where some people are that will lend you a hand.

Register for and attend this year’s High Impact Leader Lab.  The HILL will focus on the skills you need to get your church out of the ditch.  We can help you shovel.  We can help you push.  We can help you discover and fulfill your Next Step.

HILL-Revitalization is for any and all Pastors and Pastoral Staff, even if you have been to HILL in the past.  We will focus on the general areas a pastor needs to address in order to move the church forward. Here’s what we are going to talk about:

  1. The Role of Prayer and Spiritual Renewal in Revitalization
  2. How to Leverage Discipleship for Revitalization
  3. The Impact of Vision on Revitalization
  4. How to Lead Change; being a transformational leader
  5. How to Address Conflict
  6. Outreach, Ministry & Evangelism and their role in Revitalization
  7. Preaching for Revitalization

Our sessions are being led by a mix of leaders that are getting it done from around our State as well as a few Nationally respected leaders in Revitalization.

After HILL-Revitalization you will be invited to join a Cohort of 3 or 4 other pastors to help push or shove each other out over the next year (or however long you choose).  We will help you form up a Cohort but the intention is to give you the choice of who you partner with.

Is money tight?  Here is some good news.  Many Associations have established a fund to scholarship pastors to attend.  And there is one church that I am aware of that is willing to do the same!  What better way to partner together to assist our SCBI churches to take their Next Step than to send their pastors to HILL-Revitalization.  Reach out to your Association first and if they are not offering help then contact me and I’ll do my best to “hook you up” with what is available!

I couldn’t get Tub-tub out of the ditch alone. I needed help.  Most of us do. Let’s do this together.  For the Church.  For the King.


(Associational Leaders and churches that are interested give me a shout and I can share how you too can scholarship pastors around our state. 812/592-3755)