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Welcome to Indiana!

For many months we have prayed for our next Executive Director. We prayed for Dr. Ryan Strother even before we knew his name. In recent

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Children and Student Events in 2021

When will we get back to normal? Children’s ministers, whether paid or volunteer, have spent many hours praying that they would be able to have VBS, that they would have enough volunteers to have children’s small groups or AWANA, wondering if the kids would even show up if they had the volunteers. Why do we pray so fervently for normalcy? Because we want kids to hear that Jesus loves them and will always be there for them. We want to see the look on a child’s face when they understand salvation for the first time and believe that Jesus is a friend that will never leave them. We want to be a part of kids making decisions at VBS and Camp, see them baptized and choose to follow Christ.

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What’s New for Women in 2021

In 2021, SCBI Women will be looking to take equipping to the next level by “partnering with churches to discover and fulfill their next step.”  During this past year, we learned that we can reach women in new ways through technological methods and will be implementing some new strategies to help train women to develop their leadership abilities.  We will see this approach in 3 primary ways this coming year.

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What is your Next Step?

If we thought that after the November Elections we would return to normal – we were wrong. If we thought the arrival of a new year was going to miraculously alter our circumstances and return us to normal – we were wrong.

I think it is time we begin to consider that waiting for normal is like waiting for a ship that has already sailed. Perhaps we need to accept, we are living in the “normal” right now.

So if the “Normal” looks like what we have then what do we have?

The church I serve as an Interim Pastor has about 50% of the people attending than they did PC (Pre Covid-19). Giving has remained strong. Does that sound familiar? Most reports I have received from pastors say the same.

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